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Add your business for free
Only pay a fee upon a sale
Your Business, Your Choice
People recommend you
Generate new sales
Recommend others
Find out how NEXU works

Watch this short video to see how NEXU works and how you can earn rewards by sharing products and services.

Add your business for free

Join now for free.

From the menu click my business then ‘Register New Company’.

You can register multiple companies.

No Risk
No upfront fees = No risk

NEXU has no risks, you get free promotion and advertising and only pay a fee upon sales.

The minimum fee is 15%+VAT, this includes the payment collection fee, cashback and the commission NEXU pays to people rewarding them for helping you grow.

You can increase the fee payable to increase the commission NEXU pays, this further incentivises people to recommend your company.

NEXU collects payment and allocates vouchers for your sales

Any sales made are emailed to you and shown in your company Profile.

NEXU collects the payment on all sales made.

Payments are credited to your Company NEXU e-wallet upon customer redemption. Funds can be withdrawn to your bank account.

Redemptions are made through the NEXU app and rights can be given to your staff to redeem by clicking Manage Company Devices in the company profile.

Add products & services to the NEXU marketplace

Go to Your Company, click on the company name you wish to add a listing for, then click New Listing.

Add an image & fill out the details of your listing.

Once complete, please click save, then submit for moderator review. Once approved you will need to set your offer online.

Your Business, Your Choice

Create offers that work for you and put them on-line or off-line when you want.

You are the boss and NEXU lets you decide what you sell, at what price and when.

People recommend & generate sales, so reward them for helping you grow

Easily incentivise your network of friends, customers, clients and colleagues to generate new sales.

To encourage sales go to the listing page for your product and click SHARE. Use your social media and other communication channels to share your listing to your network/followers.

NEXU lets you harness word-of-mouth recommendations to bring you new business.



Over the years I have spent far too much on advertising trying to promote my business with very little measurable success. Being part of NEXU has really changed all that. Their free advertising and ‘no-sale no-pay’ promise has really made a difference. By getting my REAL customers to recommend my business and be able to reward them so easily is genius!

Tom F.
Golf Pro/ Instructor


What I love about NEXU is that I can get involved with the businesses I care about and benefit so easily without any commitment. I like to help the businesses I believe in it’s great to be rewarded for something I do naturally anyway. I like that NEXU gives me a voice and brings value to my words.

Emily G


NEXU makes so much sense! People get rewarded for recommending great businesses, and companies benefit from the power of a personal recommendation. So much more effective than traditional online marketing.

Heidi E
Business Owner - Speechy