Q: What is NEXU?

A: NEXU is a cleverly chosen combination of proven business models that we have seamlessly united to create a friendly, easy to use web and mobile based platform that offers money saving and money making opportunities to create a truly enterprising marketplace that brings businesses and people together.

Q: How does it work?

A: NEXU connects consumers and businesses through recommendations. People can share offers for products and services on existing social and chat platforms to create a dynamic user-driven marketplace to generate sales. Our unique Patent Pending platform allows people to automatically create multi-directional, multi-product networks that work for you automatically 24/7, providing the opportunity for you to earn commissions from your recommendations. We did this by creating a platform that utilizes the most effective elements of:

  • Affiliate schemes
  • Referral schemes
  • Discount schemes
  • Cash-back schemes
  • Network Marketing
  • Loyalty programs
  • Influencer Marketing

Any business can join NEXU and create offers to our members. Some of the fee we charge the businesses when they make a sale is used to pay the purchaser some cashback and any commissions to who generated the sale. People make recommendations by sharing and referring on existing chat and social platforms and email. With no technical training and no marketing skills, NEXU's unique platform allows you to shop for the things you love, save on purchases, earn with cash-back and earn even more by sharing and referring.

Q: How do I share?

A: To earn by recommending Offers on NEXU, it's important that you do the following:

  • In NEXU, click the Offer that you wish to share.
  • Click the icon that represents how you wish to share it (Facebook, WhatsApp, email etc.)
  • Choose the people that you wish to share it to and ideally personalise the message as to why you think it's great for them.
  • Send!

Important: If you have received a share and want to pass it on, it's important that you follow the above steps so that the offer you share is with your referral code, that way you can earn the commission should your share result in a sale. Simply forwarding someone else's share will pass on their unique ID and not your own.

Q: Is NEXU safe and secure?

A: Yes, we use secure servers, similar to those used for credit card transactions.

When you have earned cash-backs and commissions and you want us to pay you, you will only provide us with PayPal or bank details where we can send your money. With these details alone, no one can do anything malicious. Companies often leave their bank details on websites, emails and invoices to provide the bank account details for payments to be received.

Q: What does it cost?

A: To join and use NEXU is free. As a user/consumer/buyer on NEXU there are no fees or costs whatsoever. If a user also becomes a Merchant by adding their business, they can advertise their business and create offers for free, that can then be shared and referred for free, but there will be a fee for each sale made.

Q: Does NEXU have an app?

A: Yes, there is a Beta version of the NEXU companion app that is aimed at business users. It can be downloaded from both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Q: How do I get paid? (When will I get paid? How do I withdraw my cash?)

A: When you have started to acquire money, from cash-backs on purchases and referral/share commissions, you will be able to either spend that money on NEXU, or ‘cash-out’ by requesting that we pay you the money. You can do this by requesting that we credit your PayPal account, or provide us with your bank account details and we will send you a transfer of the funds. Minimum amount and conditions apply.

Q: How does NEXU make money?

A: NEXU makes money by earning a percentage of the fees charged to Merchants when they sell products or services on NEXU.

Q: I have a problem and want to speak with someone?

A: We are building a customer-care portal, but in the meantime, please send any questions to:


Q: What is cash-back?

A: Cash-back is an incentive offered to buyers of certain products whereby they receive a type of cash refund when buying something. NEXU will credit this cash-back amount to your wallet when you redeem your purchase and it will then be available for you to spend it on other purchases or withdraw it. Withdrawal limits, terms and conditions may apply.

Q: How much cash-back will I earn?

A: That depends on what you buy. Where activated, each amount depends on each offer. It can be a small or large amount, but the more you buy through NEXU, the more you will automatically earn in cash-back.


Q: I’ve forgotten my password.

A: In the login area, click ‘Forgot Password’ and follow the instructions.

Q: How can I change my email address?

A: Login to your account and in ‘My Account’ click ‘Edit’ and change your email address or any other details relating to your account.

Tips and Tricks

Q: Sharing and Referring Tips

A: In addition to earning money by sharing and referring, you help advertisers reach new clients and your friends find great deals for the things they like. But to help everyone get the most from NEXU, we suggest that you follow these steps:

  • Only share offers that really interest you and you think will be of interest to your friends.
  • If it’s a general offer that you think has mass appeal, share on social media.
  • If it’s an offer that is very specific (like golf lessons), refer directly to the limited number of friends that you know are interested in golf. Refer using Whatsapp, other messenger/chat platforms or email.

Q: What ways are there to earn with NEXU?

A: There are numerous ways that you can earn, these are the main ones:

  • Buy offers and earn cashback, which is a way to save and earn.
  • Share and refer offers on social media and to friends. If your share or referral results in a direct sale, you may earn commissions.
  • Add members who become businesses on NEXU. As the person that introduced them to NEXU, you will earn a ‘Business Introduction Commission’ of 1% on all business that they generate on NEXU's platform. This commission will be paid to you all the time that they remain a merchant within our system and will provide you with a passive income that with many merchants can become very significant.


Q: How do I buy?

A: All purchases on NEXU are made through your Wallet which you can load in the following ways:

  • Find an offer that you wish to purchase and click ‘Buy’, folow the instructions to use existing credit or Top Up your wallet.
  • You can top up your wallet anytime, from the top menu, open the drop-down menu and click ‘My Wallet’ and then click ‘TOP UP’. Select the amount you wish to load and follow the instructions.

All commissions and cash-back are paid to your Wallet so share, invite and watch it grow!

Q: What if I want to cancel my purchase?

A: Each offer has its own terms and conditions related to its sale. If the offer that you purchased allows you to cancel, go to your account and in ‘My Purchases’ open the offer, click ‘Cancel Purchase’ and follow the instructions.

Q: How much will I save?

A: Each offer stipulates its own conditions. An offer may have the advantage of a discount and/or other benefits.

Networking and Earning

Q: What is Networking?

A: Networking can be defined as the act of making contact and exchanging information with other people, groups and institutions to develop mutually beneficial relationships. We all have networks: our family, friends, work colleagues, acquaintances at the gym, clubs etc. We live our lives within networks, but rarely do we see how beneficial it can be to all of us if we use them in the right way. Recommending a restaurant to a friend is networking, you are sharing information with a friend to help him and the restaurant. Why not be recognised for that? NEXU helps you to easily create a network and effortlessly share the things you like. If your help generates business, you earn from it! Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, why not benefit from it?

Q: How can I refer friends to NEXU?

A: You can simply add friends to your network by sending them an invitation or an offer. Either way, when they sign up, they will be associated to you.

Q: How much commissions will I earn?

A: Commissions vary on each offer and can be from a few cents to tens of euros per offer. Typically, each offer will show you how much you can earn if you share/refer it and generate a direct sale. In some cases there may be commissions paid on several levels, not just your direct shares/referrals, but may be a second or third level. In that case the commission is shared between various people and you will see how much you earned in your statement.

Q: How can I check my savings and earnings?

A: In ‘My Account’ click on ‘My Earnings’ and you will see how much you have earned. You can also request a statement and receive an itemised breakdown of how you earned your commissions.

Q: Is NEXU like a pyramid scheme?

A: No, not at all. A pyramid network creates connections in the form of a pyramid, with the people that you sign-up remaining under you, and the ones they sign-up remaining under them. With NEXU, we track all connections in all directions based on each offer. If you recommend a restaurant to friends, they will be associated to you and if they buy the offer you will receive a commission. But if they recommend offers to you (say, a hairdresser), it’s the other way around and they earn a commission from your purchase. Each and every offer is unique and shares/referrals can go in any direction and create many new connections that are always multi-directional.


Q: How can NEXU help my business?

A: In many ways! Consider that NEXU is free to join, free to add your business, free to make offers, allowing you to immediately benefit from:

  • Free exposure on NEXU's platform.
  • Shares from users on social media that provided you with mass market advertising.
  • Referrals by users to their friends providing you with targeted advertising.
  • Sales to new clients, increasing your income and clientbase.
  • You only pay a fee upon each sale. So, there is no risk.

Q: What does it cost to add my business?

A: Apart from a short amount of time, adding your company and offers to NEXU, requires zero investment. You receive all the benefits without any costs and only pay a fee when you make sales. Our minimum fee is 15% of the offer price, with is also used to pay the cash-back and commissions. However, you can increase the fee, this will increase the cash-back and commission so that people are more excited and motivated to buy, share or refer your products or services.

Q: What is CPA (Cost Per Acquisition):

A: CPA is what it costs your company to gain each new customer. When you do any advertising you should know what results it brings you, but this is often very difficult to understand. With NEXU, the sharing and referring that people make brings you free publicity and advertising. Only when you make a sale do we charge our fee. This allows you to know in advance what is your CPA.

Q: How do I redeem vouchers?

A: To redeem vouchers from your offers that have been purchased, simply download the NEXU app and follow the instructions. You will then be able to scan the QR codes that customers provide. You will also be able to assign redeem rights to members of your staff and other devices. Using the app ensures that only valid vouchers are redeemed and only once.

Q: When will I get paid from sales on NEXU?

A: You will be credited the amount due from each offer when the offer is redeemed. This happens in real-time and you will see the credit in your Business Wallet. You can then decide when to withdraw the funds whenever you wish.


NEXU helps your business grow by providing powerful tools that allow people to recommend your products or services. To encourage this, please consider these points:

  • Create offers that are interesting and encourage people to try your company.
  • Your offer should be priced so that people feel comfortable to buy it online or motivated to take it after talking with you.
  • We are not a discount store and do not want you to devalue your product or service. We do not ask you to make discounts (although that is one way to encourage people to try you). Instead, try to create a ‘trial deal’ or ‘bundle’ several things so that customers get a good deal and better experience of what you do. This may also create up-sells on future business they do directly with your company.